Republicans And Health Insurance Challenge By Democrats On Capitol Hill!

The Republican Party is doing everything it can to destroy implementation of the Obama Health Care plan, making major efforts to defund it.

Meanwhile, in a smart move, the Democrats are proposing that all Republicans in Congress make clear publicly whether or not they are taking government funded health care from taxpayers, while moving to deny it to millions of taxpayers at the same time!

In other words, why should Republicans accept federally funded health care if they wish to deny it to the citizens of the country who do not have it?

This is utter hypocrisy, and the Democrats wish to embarrass the vast majority of Republicans who are taking advantage of the federal health care coverage they are entitled to.

As it is, about a dozen of the 87 freshman Republicans in the House have declined to accept their health care benefits, but that means over 85 percent of the freshmen ARE accepting the benefits while fighting to prevent it for millions of Americans!

The proposal of the Democrats will not pass, but at least it brings attention to the issue of the arrogance of the Republicans on the issue of health care!

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