Republican State Governments Trying To Destroy Voting Rights Of Those Likely To Vote For Democratic Party In 2012

In thirty two states, where the legislature is majority Republican, legislation is being sponsored to destroy the voting rights of those likely to vote for the Democratic Party and its candidates in 2012.

College students have always had the right to vote where they attend college, but many states are now working to require residency of the student or their parents, or else no chance to vote in the college town.

New ID card requirements are being imposed, which African Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, and poor people in general, are less likely to possess, with their suspicion of government as great as it is already.

The move to end same day registration is another method being used to cut down the voting population.

Florida is now requiring a five year wait before former felons, who have met all requirements of their sentence, can even ask for the return of the right to vote.

The concept of the right to vote has been fought over the past two centuries, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was supposed to guarantee that no one would be denied that right, but conservatives are working very hard to fix the elections of the future by interfering with that basic human right!

It is not enough that corporations have no limit anymore on contributions to Republicans!

It is not enough that Republican Governors are destroying the rights of public workers by destroying collective bargaining!

It is not enough that Republicans are striking out against the interests of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the young, women, ethnic minorities, and on the issues of the environment, health care and education!

Nothing is enough, as the Republican Party works to make this nation a country dominated by the rich and the corporations FOR the rich and the corporations, and to hell with the interests of the rest of us!

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