Now Federal Workers Are Facing Attack By Conservative Interests!

The country has been witnessing attacks on public employees in state government and local government, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, prison guards, social workers, sanitation workers and others, by conservative and business interests who have been working to turn the American people against these public servants, and to claim they are overcompensated.

Now the attack is also beginning against federal employees, so called “bureaucrats” who have regularly been trashed over the years by citizens, as if they are the evil force in government!

The argument is that they are overpaid and have too many benefits, with the attack being led by the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation, two conservative think tanks.

The fact that federal workers are more highly educated and work more highly skilled jobs than private sector employees is conveniently ignored.

Also, the fact that there is a two year freeze on cost of living increases for all federal workers through next year, is overlooked, as the attack on government workers at all levels continues.

One comment on “Now Federal Workers Are Facing Attack By Conservative Interests!

  1. Jonathan Reiter March 10, 2011 2:46 pm

    must be part of the reason that my countless efforts to find a Federal Job either at the state or local level have come up empty handed. You would think that a Bachelor’s degree and several years of corporate management would draw interests from somewhere, but obviously it isn’t.

    It’s sad that federal employees and civil servants are being demonized as having it “too easy” and having too many benefits, yet no one seems to be concerned with the way Wall Street nearly destroyed this country, set us into another recession, and are consistently compensating executives that act in their own self interests and in many instances, bury the companies that they work for

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