The Tea Party “Flame Throwers”: Will They Stir Up The Senate In 2011?

Reality has started to set in that we are witnessing the strong possibility of several “Flame Throwing” Tea Party Movement activists possibly being elected to the Senate this fall, and therefore adding tension and confrontation to an already divided, less than congenial institution! 🙁

The Senate historically has been considered a dignified body in which there is some “crossing of the aisle” and bipartisanship, but that has been disappearing in recent years! It is clear that Tea Party activists are not interested in promoting understanding and camaraderie, and they will cause much embarrassment in the Senate, as if there are not enough such cases who are already members of that body! 🙁

The most likely such Tea Party winners would include Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sharron Angle of Nevada, although both have been running defensively because of their record of statements and actions, which has caused avoidance of mainstream media by both of these characters!

But now, the new GOP nominee for the Senate in Utah, replacing the gentlemanly Robert Bennett, is a Tea Party activist, who is bound to stir up animosity and confrontation, based on his background! Mike Lee has the edge to be elected in traditionally Republican and conservative Utah, even if he acts or speaks in a nutty way! And being only 38 years old, he would be the youngest senator, and the likelihood of him keeping his seat beyond one six year term is quite assured! 🙁

There are still other possible Tea Party activists running for office who might become a problem in 2011, if they win office, as they have made it clear they have no desire to fit in, but would rather be rebels, even after attaining public office! 🙁

In any case, the Tea Party people now, and if they win office, will continue to provide much political entertainment for the media in the future! 🙂

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