Glenn Beck’s Attack On Public Education Needs Condemnation!

Glenn Beck is now attacking public education, as a method used to propagandize American school children into acceptance of the conventional viewpoints promoted by government!

He, therefore, called for the abolition of public education, in favor of home schooling and vouchers for charter schools!

In so doing, he is attacking the basis of how we give the majority of the American people the opportunity to improve their social and economic standing!

Apparently, it is alright if Glenn Beck and other talk show hosts on radio, and Fox News Channel, “propagandize” gullible Americans who listen to and watch their conservative drivel, which includes promotion of racism, sexism, religious extremism, and hatred of immigrants, the poor, gays, and people from other cultures and nations! 🙁

The fact that Beck promotes what is good for the “haves”, and ignores the “have nots”, is apparently perfectly fine! Providing a “level playing field” is somehow radical and extreme in Beck’s crazy mind! 🙁

Glenn Beck is to be called to account for his anti democratic, intolerant rants and raves against public education, and anything else that promotes equal opportunity!

It is time that the American people fully understood how dangerous this man is, and agreed to boycott him and force him off the airwaves as a menace! 🙁

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