The Obama Challenge: Regain His Base To Keep Down Democratic Losses In Congress And The States In 2010!

President Obama faces a major challenge: to keep the base that helped him to win the 2008 Presidential election active and involved, with the goal being to hold down the losses of the Democratic Party in Congress and the states in the 2010 midterm elections!

It is well understood that the party in the White House loses seats in Congress and suffers losses in state election at the time of the midterm elections.

But IF the President’s strategy of investing money in the hope of appealing to the young, minorities, women, and independents works, those losses could be minor, which would both help the President’s agenda in 2011 and 2012, and also jump start his reelection campaign for 2012!

The lack of enthusiasm among these groups is obvious, but the President has accomplished enough in his first 17 months, and hopes for an economic recovery to start kicking in this summer and fall, all designed to stir enthusiasm, and also realization that what has been accomplished could be reversed if there are major losses! 🙁

The situation politically is fluid enough at this point that the Republican party cannot be sure that they will have the major gains they are hoping for. The battle for the future is very much at hand, and the need for the loyal supporters of the President to get out there, campaign for, and vote for the Obama agenda is essential for future success!

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