Revelation: George W. Bush’s Daughter, Barbara Bush, Backs Obama Health Care Law!

An interesting piece of news is that Barbara Bush, one of the twin daughters of President George W. Bush, has made public her support of the recently passed Obama Health Care legislation!

Despite the fact that the GOP resisted and fought against the Health Care law, Barbara Bush indicated her belief that it was good that the legislation passed, and that people who have lower income should have the same access to health care that rich people have!

Hooray for Barbara Bush, who is the leader of the Global Health Corps, a group that promotes global health equity! She is proving that she is a young woman of decency and good principles, and makes many in the Republican party look very hard hearted and selfish in their opposition to everyone being entitled to health care!

One comment on “Revelation: George W. Bush’s Daughter, Barbara Bush, Backs Obama Health Care Law!

  1. John T. August 16, 2013 1:21 am

    I did not vote for George H. or George W. Bush but have felt
    that the Bushes were good, decent people. With her father remaining
    uncritical of President Obama over the last four and a half years and
    daughter Barbara showing she has an independent mind of her own–
    my respect for their family increases. Good for you Barbara. All the best.

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