Rand Paul As An Ophthalmologist: Can You Trust His Expertise?

Rand Paul, the Tea Party Movement advocate and Republican candidate for the US Senate in Kentucky, is an ophthalmologist who has not been certified by the national organization, the American Board of Ophthalmology!

Instead, Paul formed an organization in 1997, called the National Board of Ophthalmology, as a rival group and is certified, therefore, by the group he created!

This rings an alarm bell, as one has to wonder if Rand Paul is really meeting the standards of his profession, if he refuses to work within the established group of eye specialists!

Does anyone want to have a person being responsible for his vision who is a rebel and is not accepted by the establishment organization in his field?

Rand Paul claims that his ability to make a living is being compromised by the revelation of what he did back in 1997, and continues to do, which is to defy the national organization in his specialty!

But more important than how it affects Rand Paul’s livelihood is how his activities affect the health and safety of his patients!

At the least, it should be troubling and cause doubt in any intelligent person’s mind!

This is true not only of Rand Paul as a ophthalmologist, but also continues to make one wonder about his qualifications to be a United States Senator from Kentucky!

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