Dick Cheney: Suddenly Quiet On The Oil Disaster In The Gulf of Mexico! :(

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, already a divisive figure, who has had no trouble being critical of the Obama Administration on the issue of national security, has been strangely silent on the BP Oil Spill Disaster, as Newsweek Magazine points out!

Cheney has had connections with Halliburton in the past, being its Chairman and CEO from 1995-2000, and Halliburton was involved in the work leading up to this oil rig disaster! He is reported to be working with the oil industry to undermine those who want to hold BP totally responsible for the spill disaster in the Gulf! After all, Cheney in the past has claimed that the national debt is not an important issue, so what the heck–let the American people pay the costs of the cleanup is the apparent thought in his head! 🙁

It is the Bush-Cheney energy policy that helped to lead to the lack of regulation in the oil industry, which has created the atmosphere that permitted the kind of abuses that are now the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the United States! 🙁

Cheney seems not to care about an issue that in many ways undermines our national security, by its undermining of the Gulf economy and the sensitive environmental issues in the area, which will undermine the future of the Gulf States long term, not only short term! 🙁

Apparently, if it does not affect him personally in a financial sense, or is not a plus politically for him to get involved in commenting on it, Dick Cheney chooses to ignore the subject by his silence! 🙁

What happened to his well noted “patriotism”, which should make him furious over this disaster? It is obvious that Dick Cheney is totally self serving, and a crook and a despicable public figure who deserves the wrath of the American people! 🙁

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