Carly Fiorina’s Pettiness And Childishness: Who Is Talking About Whose Looks? :(

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has proved to have a loose mouth, both when she was an adviser in the John McCain Presidential campaign in 2008, and now as the Republican nominee for the US Senate in California! šŸ™

Fiorina is not exactly the model of decorum, to say the least, but after having suffered a bout with cancer and losing all of her hair temporarily, and not looking all that hale and hearty as a result, it would be expected that she would have greater sensitivity than most on someone else’s appearance and looks! šŸ™

But instead, Fiorina, on camera in an “off moment” that she probably figured would never “make the light of day”, made fun of her opponent, incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, regarding her hair and appearance in general, saying she was “so yesterday”! šŸ™

This marks Fiorina as extremely snobby because of her tremendous wealth, and extremely infantile, like a middle schooler who makes fun of someone’s looks! This is NOT the behavior expected from someone who wants to lead us! It is extremely shallow and, quite frankly, stupid behavior, and Fiorina needs to, at the least, apologize, but she has said she will not, as she was, supposedly, quoting one of her friends! šŸ™

This may seem minor, but it is not going to help her campaign for the Senate, as it shows she is an arrogant, nasty, petty individual! šŸ™

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