Should Barack Obama Be Emotional, Or Be “Mr. Spock”?

It is ironic that Barack Obama is being criticized by many for being unemotional in public, more like a “Mr. Spock” character, as in STAR TREK!

What is wrong with that? Do we really want a President who is raging fury, is crying in public, is losing his temper, using foul language, maybe even being physical as he “blows his stack”?

Have we forgotten Richard Nixon losing his temper, Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine “crying” when he was running for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1972, Senator John McCain infamous for a furious temper and using foul language, and other examples of politicians acting inappropriately in public in the past?

Don’t we really want a President who is stable, secure, confident, and intelligent enough to come across as an “egghead”, an intellectual who gives dignity to the office, and has ability to act like a true leader should be–meaning NOT one of us, but better in statesmanship and human relations than the average person, who would be a horror as President of the United States!

Another factor to consider is IF President Obama was an “angry black man”, that would only terrify those who already fear the idea of the “angry black man”, particularly those white racists who see Obama as unacceptable, and privately are furious that an African American President can actually possess dignity and class, something that goes against their warped stereotype! πŸ™

In other words, Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is fine for his position, but his well known temper, anger, and foul language would NOT be appropriate behavior for the Presidency.

So, President Obama, stay exactly the way you come across, as you are a credit to the dignity of the office of the Presidency! πŸ™‚

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