Nevada Primary Results A Boost For Harry Reid!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is often underrated and misjudged, both by his party members, and also by the GOP opposition!

Not a great speaker, not particularly photogenic, and not a dominating personality, Reid actually has managed to organize and control his 59 member Democratic majority with lots of work behind the scenes, and has handled right wing attacks in a very effective, if quiet fashion!

Reid has done a lot for Nevada, and it would be silly and ridiculous for Nevada to defeat such a powerful leader who gives the state distinction! So despite all the talk that Reid is “prime meat” for defeat, don’t bet on it, particularly by the results of the GOP primary for the Senate yesterday!

Sharron Angle, the most right wing candidate of the three candidates, managed to come from behind and defeat Sue Lowden, who had suggested that people could pay their doctors with chickens, as in the olden times, apparently, in Nevada!

Lowden came across as loony enough, but, believe it or not, Sharron Angle comes across by her viewpoints and statements to be even MORE whacky a nominee! Being backed by the Tea Party Movement only makes her more nutty than otherwise, and it is said that Harry Reid is thrilled at her nomination, as he thinks, rightfully it is believed, that he has an easier road to reelection!

Reid may not be charismatic or great looking, but the GOP has made it more likely than ever that he will be reelected, and stay on as Senate Majority Leader in the next two years!

2 comments on “Nevada Primary Results A Boost For Harry Reid!

  1. Rich Nomore June 9, 2010 10:28 pm

    Good Day, Prof. Feinman, WE too have just discovered your website by Word Press! Still looking however for intelligent discussion of some important issues. You identify ‘white racism’ and a fear of ideas you describe as one of the factors in the delayed disappointment syndrome recently being exlored by the government/media complex (ABMSNBDNCNNBS) related to the current occupier of OUR White House. Better late than never. Where would WE be if the Democrat Party had not been the source of the obstructionism that delayed the Civil Rights Act and created the mis-trust, un-rest, disappointment, and violence that nearly guaranteed a slow, unsatisfying, and incomplete integration of the sub-culture that now has given rise to the dilemma which is Barack Obama. A man who was given the Keys to the Kingdom on a silver platter, the Goose that lays Golden Eggs, and the ears of every Tom, Dick and Harry of the Land, who now, after that ‘magical’ time it was demanded WE give the new guy at the top, has so far managed only to hand out copies of the Keys to every Kook, Radical, Revolutionary he can drag out of the gutter of history, place his boot on the neck of the Goose WE sorely need right now, and is currently busy mugging Paul after robbing Peter to pay him. This pack of rats on the Ship of State was BAD NEWS from the first day and for 463 of the last 464, no matter what planet or midwestern city they may be from. The problem, WE posit, is not a right, left, conservative (conservation) or liberal one it is the Wright Wing of the Isolationist/Internationalist Cabal of collectivist activists that has purchased OUR Cambers of Law and Justice with Money pulled from OUR own pockets and OUR children’s children’s pockets, and has stated in no uncertain words it’s intent to pry recovery, prosperity, and every last dime from the cold dead hands of CAPITALISM. That is what is wrong with “that”.

    Prof. no longer with portfolio

  2. Rich Nomore June 9, 2010 10:46 pm

    Also it seems a very sad day indeed, when a once great Political Party has to depend on the GOP to help save the skin of a corrupt Real Estate Tycoon from Washington PC, flush with the cash derived from denouncing GREED, all the while participating, creating and producing the very framework that perpetuates it. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice to many of US if the moisture falling on Harry’s head isn’t rain as he has told everyone, but TEA?!

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