British Petroleum’s Arrogance And Those Who Defend Them! :(

British Petroleum, and the oil industry in general, has been running amuck over our country, buying up politicians such as Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Louisiana Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter, and is now gaining backing from Tea Party Movement candidates, including Sharron Angle in Nevada and Rand Paul in Kentucky!

BP has made no plans for safety of its workers, and lost eleven of them in the April 20 explosion that led to the Gulf Oil Crisis! It has made no plans ahead of time to react to an industrial accident, and has only been concerned to maximize profits at the expense of workers, consumers, and the environment! 🙁 They have no clue as to how to resolve the crisis and have proved to be highly arrogant in their approach to the media and the public! 🙁

The idea that ANY politician could continue to back the oil industry in its rapacious disregard for the American people is an outrage, and the idea that deregulation is still being promoted after years of abuse, makes one wonder how any sane American could back any of these politicians and those who, like Sarah Palin, endorse “Drill, Baby, Drill”! 🙁

Is there any sense of responsibility to the American people by oil company leaders and their political “prostitutes”? Apparently “NO” is the answer! 🙁

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