The Coffee Party Movement Rises In Opposition To The Tea Party Movement!

A new political movement has emerged in opposition to the Tea Party Movement, which is clearly a right wing activist organization.

This progressive movement is called the Coffee Party Movement, which calls for cooperation in government; sees the federal government not as the enemy but rather the expression of the collective will of the American people; and calls for participation in the political system to address the challenges that the country faces. The movement calls for supporting leaders who promote positive views and programs, and to hold obstructionists accountable for their negativism and opposition.

The Coffee Party is gaining support in 30 states at this time, and it has emerged on Facebook with a growing number of followers. Plans are being made to have a national march or conference this summer.

The one thing that stands out about both the Tea Party and Coffee Party Movements is that that they are encouraging ordinary citizens into political action, which is good for the promotion of our democratic system of government.

But the Coffee Party has a positive, optimistic side to it, which is definitely much more appealing! There is a lot about the Tea Party Movement which is very ugly and scary, encouraging extremist conspiracy theories and hate of government, as if we can do without government!

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