Military People Against Cheney And McCain, And Lieberman Against McCain

This past weekend, we saw some interesting commentary by General David Petraeus and former General Colin Powell.

Both made it clear that they did not believe that utilizing torture, such as water boarding, and the abuse at Abu Graib prison in Iraq, had been productive and wise. Both also believe that abandonment of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is very likely in the future, and neither expressed opposition to this changed attitude toward gays in the military.

In so stating their thoughts, both of these prestigious generals contradicted the statements of two leading Republicans, former Vice President Dick Cheney and 2008 Republican Presidential nominee and Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Cheney continues to uphold the use of torture as a viable method, and McCain continues to uphold continuing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the armed forces.

Interesting point, though, is that McCain’s opposition to open gays in the military is opposed by one of his closest friends in the Senate, Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who was on McCain’s short list for Vice President.

Lieberman, who already has angered Democrats for his opposition to health care reform, seemingly is trying to repair his ties to the party ahead of his election campaign for his seat in 2012. But also, one must remember that in many ways, Joe Lieberman IS a true Independent, as his voting record is indeed difficult to label!

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