CPAC And The Two Dicks (Cheney And Armey)

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is meeting in Washington, DC this weekend, and is demonstrating the ability to issue personal insults against President Obama, and to show the American people that they do not wish to work with the President to find solutions, but rather continue the obstructionism that they have been engaged in for the past 14 months.

They are very good at talking about smaller government, lower taxes, and a stronger defense, failing to realize that much of the national debt problem we face is due to our extended involvement overseas and the fighting of two wars, and the overexpanded and wasteful defense budget.

Apparently, we can do what we are doing overseas without raising taxes, and should in fact lower taxes. So if that means cutting off all domestic programs or privatizing social security and medicare, so be it!

It is hard to imagine the intelligent, sensible part of our population in this country accepting this jargon and propaganda. But certainly, the two Dicks, Cheney and Armey, are spreading the word with preposterous assertions.

Former Vice President Cheney said he foresees conservatives taking over the Congress in 2010, and predicts that Barack Obama is a one term President. Former House Majority Leader Armey (Texas), who has formed Freedom Works and flirted with the Tea Party Movement, said that Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is the most incompetent President in his lifetime!

Now let’s see: Cheney is the person who said the Iraqi people would greet us with flowers when we invaded in 2003. Did that work out? 🙂 He also said that deficits do not matter, and yet now he and his party and conservative activists are making the national debt the number one issue. Is Dick Cheney good at his predictions and assessments? I don’t think the evidence shows that! 🙂

Armey thinks that Obama is worse than his past favorite for being the worst President in his lifetime (that is, Jimmy Carter).  I am sure that former President Carter must be thrilled to hear that!  :)   But somehow, isn’t Armey forgetting Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, or is he trying to rewrite history, therefore promoting more lies and deception, as he did as a leader of Congress under the leadership of Newt Gingrich?

Is CPAC or these and other Republicans and conservative leaders interested in solving problems, or just pointing the finger and sowing division? I think the answer is VERY clear! 🙁

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