Michele Bachmann Assesses Barack Obama: Again Wrong!

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota gave a speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and as usual, her comments were off the mark.

Bachmann claimed that President Obama is leading America into decline. She cited conservative author Charles Krauthammer complaining that the President has undermined America because of his stands against continued use of Guantanamo Naval Base, against unilateralism in foreign policy, criticism of lack of respect for the Muslim world, condemnation of the refusal to respect views of European allies under President Bush, and advocacy of torture and a tone of arrogance under Bush.

The problem with what Bachmann said is that these policies of the Bush administration totally undermined America’s world position, and made this country the most unpopular world wide it has ever been. And since we must somehow coexist with the Muslim world, it is essential to have basic respect for their cultural differences with the Christian world, and work to build bridges to moderate Muslims, because, just like in the Cold War years, learning to coexist is mandatory or mankind will be destroyed!

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