Marco Rubio Criticizes Barack Obama For Use Of Teleprompter While Using Teleprompter! :)

The Conservative Political Action Conference began in Washington, DC today, and a lot of attention was paid to the speech by Marco Rubio, who is challenging Florida Governor Charlie Crist for nomination to the US Senate.

Rubio, the favorite of conservatives and Tea Party followers, launched an attack on President Obama. One of his points was to criticize Obama for using a teleprompter for his speeches.

This is a very petty thing to attack the President for, certainly very insignificant. But there is also an element of hypocrisy, as Marco Rubio used a teleprompter himself to deliver his speech!

Now, isn’t that highly hypocritical, and doesn’t it make Marco Rubio look ridiculous? In other words, he is entitled to use a teleprompter but the President is not! Now is that fair, Marco? Can’t you come up with something more substantial than that if you are trying to make an impression that you deserve to be a Senator? Or maybe the truth is that Charlie Crist is far better qualified to be a Senator, and you are grasping at straws to gain notice of your so called qualifications?

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