The Hypocrisy Of Sarah Palin: Double Standard For Rahm Emanuel And Rush Limbaugh

Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee, rightfully criticized White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for using the word “retarded” in reference to liberal Democrats who were speaking out against President Obama. She pointed out that it was a terrible thing to use that term when there are so many people with disabilities, including her baby son, who are wronged by such loose use of that term.

However, the fact that talk show host Rush Limbaugh went ahead and used the same term over and over again, was ignored, as Palin called on President Obama to fire Emanuel. This is stunning hypocrisy, as if it is important to make an issue of this matter, then it should apply equally to all who use it in public life, and particularly someone who utilizes the term over the public airwaves. Rahm Emanuel said what he uttered in private, a major difference over someone who has a radio audience of millions of people.

Is this surprising? Unfortunately, in the case of Sarah Palin, the answer is no. She uses every opportunity to play politics in a disgraceful manner. And although one cannot be sure of the veracity of the source, if one chooses to believe her ex almost son in law, Levi Johnston, she apparently used the term “retard” about her own son! Again, it cannot be verified for certain, but it does seem to fit her character, which is one of having no ambition except to advance and enrich herself!

Sarah Palin remains an embarrassment to John McCain, even if he is unwilling to repudiate or criticize her. The fact that she is still, more than a year after the election of 2008, a national figure of interest, is due solely to the fact that John McCain made an absolutely horrible choice for a running mate who could have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency, without any qualifications at all for the office!

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