The Growing Crisis With China: Barack Obama Must Stand Strong!

As if Barack Obama did not have enough on his plate, now China is becoming a new challenge to his leadership.

It is well known that China holds a lof of our debt, a worrisome matter for the present and the future, but now a host of new issues has arisen, and China is playing it in a very tough, confrontational manner.

China is angry that we are supplying arms to Taiwan, as they see that island as part of their nation. But in the recent past, it was not made a major issue between the nations. Now, it is becoming a major problem.

Also, after delaying a meeting with the Dalai Lama, the President will meet him later this month, and that has infuriated the Chinese leadership, who sees the exiled Tibetan leader as an enemy.

China is also standing in the way of sanctions in the United Nations against Iran, which is in the process of developing nuclear weapons.

Also, the constant issue of the violation of human rights by China is an irritant, as is their interference with the ability of Google to offer its services unimpeded in that nation.

The Chinese President is scheduled to visit the White House later this year, and one must wonder if that will become an issue–whether he will decide not to come.

In any case, China has just added new headaches to a President who must secretly sometimes wonder why he wanted to be President! 🙂 It is essential that Obama stand strong against any Chinese pressure, if he is to be seen as successful in his Asian foreign policy!

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