Barack Obama And The Uganda Anti Homosexual Law Proposal

President Obama spoke out forcefully today against the proposed anti homosexual law being considered in the African nation of Uganda.

That proposed legislation, encouraged by elements of the evangelical Christian community in America, would outlaw homosexuality in Uganda, with a penalty of life in prison. Repeated offenses could lead to execution. Prison time would be given to those who know someone is homosexual and does not report it to the authorities.

The thought that anyone who claims to be a “good Christian” could advocate such a despicable and hateful law as this one in a foreign nation, and go out of its way to encourage such legislation, is enough to make one vomit!

This kind of ugly promotion of hate and discrimination demonstrates what happens when religious fundamentalists of any organized religion have influence on government anywhere in the world, and history teaches us that those who promote religious influences on government promote warfare, persecution, and death.

Obama has taken the moral stand in a powerful way on this matter in Uganda, and the government of this nation must do everything it can do to prevent enactment of such a law through political and economic pressure!

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