Bill Clinton To Oversee Haiti Reconstruction: A Good Move By The UN!

Former President Bill Clinton, already the UN Special Envoy to Haiti, has agreed to head the reconstruction effort in that earthquake ravaged nation.

Clinton will coordinate work of relief agencies and the activities of donors, investors, international activities, and non government organizations.

Bill Clinton may have his faults and shortcomings, but like Jimmy Carter, he has dedicated himself to doing good deeds around the world, and he should be applauded and commended for his willingness to make this major commitment of his time and labors to a nation which desperately needs the attention and focus of the international community.

One comment on “Bill Clinton To Oversee Haiti Reconstruction: A Good Move By The UN!

  1. Louis Senatus February 27, 2010 12:08 am

    I have a small construction company situated in Boston, MA. I am a license builder and would like to participate in the Haitian Reconstruction project.

    I am a Haitian born live in the US and speak English, Creole, French and Spanish

    Louis Senatus
    85-A-Robbins Street
    Waltham, Ma 02453

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