Scott Brown For President?

Even before Scott Brown, the newly elected GOP senator from Massachusetts, joins the upper chamber, rumor has it, which he denies, that he might seek the Presidency in 2012!

This may seem crazy, but after all, a newly elected Senator, who had served in the State Senate in Illinois, became President after only four years in the Senate–Barack Obama. Scott Brown will have served almost three years by the time of the 2012 election, has charisma like Obama does, and who can say what might happen?

However, it is certainly highly unlikely, particularly because Brown is a member of a party, the Republicans, who do not welcome moderation. Realize that Scott Brown said this weekend he is a social moderate, and supports abortion rights for women, which should be enough to kill off any chance for him to have a run at the Presidency.

Brown is very charismatic and charming, and comes across now as less conservative than was first thought. But again, he is in the wrong party, and has already stated that he might vote against the party at times, as he sees himself as a independent minded Republican. This disqualifies him from serious consideration for the GOP Presidential nomination!

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