John Edwards Scandal: How Low Can One Go? :(

I must admit that I was fascinated with John Edwards in 2004, when John Kerry picked him as his Vice Presidential running mate, and saw him for a while as my favorite for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008.

Thank God that Edwards flopped and did not end up as the nominee of the Democrats for President or Vice President in 2008, or end up in President Obama’s cabinet as Attorney General! He would have destroyed his party and the nation! Instead, he just destroyed everyone that should have meant everything to him–his wife and children! 🙁

What gall for this man to seek such high positions while covering up a love scandal that produced a child, lying about it to his wife and the nation, cheating on his wife who has terminal cancer, and being a disgrace to his children and all people who want to trust and believe in politicians! 🙁

The best thing that John Edwards could do now is go into hiding as Tiger Woods has, work on restoring his relationship with his children, and beg the forgiveness of his estranged wife, Elizabeth.

Imagine when the time comes and Elizabeth dies! How is John Edwards going to look? Like the jerk, bum, disgrace that he is! 🙁

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