Texting While Driving Legislation Nationally Is Urgent Matter!

Research has now shown that people text messaging while driving are four times more dangerous than a drunk driver, so the legislation just introduced in the Senate to make texting while driving illegal on a national basis is extremely urgent.

It is demonstrated that a driver takes his eyes off the road for about five seconds when texting, and puts himself, his passengers and other drivers in dire danger.  This is unacceptable,  and there is also the record of trainmen, bus drivers and others who operate transit systems  causing major accidents and loss of life,  specifically in Los Angeles and Boston within the past year.

I know there will be people who say this is an issue of states rights and individual freedom, but I vehemently disagree.  If you want to take part in behavior that is detrimental to your health and safety but affects no one else, fine.  But if it affects others in a negative way including death, it MUST be outlawed with heavy penalties for those who break the law, including banning them from their jobs in transportation,  and taking away drivers licenses from  those who cause death or injury to others.

If one wants to be stupid and reckless for himself, we cannot regulate that.  When it affects society, we certainly can and MUST!

3 comments on “Texting While Driving Legislation Nationally Is Urgent Matter!

  1. Micky July 31, 2009 12:27 am

    I agree 100%. Texting while driving has the potential to be the next DUI. It is simply way too dangerous to allow people to continue texting while driving.

  2. Mike October 8, 2009 1:52 pm

    Professor, I agree with you to a certain extent and understand and appreciate your concern for public safety. But I believe that you are only considering the minor problem that is only a small portion of the big picture. However, before make my case I must point out that I am basing it on the assumption that the majority of “texters” are teenagers- who by the way are inexperienced drivers to begin with.
    The big picture is not texting but rather that many others in my generation should not be driving at all. They should not have passed the test. The driving test you take to obtain your license is basically designed to allow virtually ANYONE to get it. Now I can’t prove that but it seems that that is the case. As long as you so not run off the path or make contact with a pole or another car, you get your license to drive. I know since I just recently got my license several years ago. It is insane how easy it is to get your license!
    So what I am saying is that passing legislation such as this would only act as a weak solution to the main issue. Although I believe that a law was recently passed that raised the driving age from 16 to 18 which would be better. However I still think that many others my age should not have the capability of operating a motor vehicle. Most of them are not mature enough, do not have the concentration and focus and do not take it seriously enough when driving and feel that they are invincible. I am not saying that texting does not make a bad situation worse, but that is only a small problem in the grand scheme of things.
    The driving test needs to be much more strict much tougher so that if you obtain your license to drive, you actually have proven that you can effectively control the car!

    But I also have another remark I would like to point out. Lets say we do make this a law that says it is illegal to text while driving. Is texting the only thing that distracts the driver? A list of other major things that may distract even more:

    – Putting on makeup (LOL I know it sounds funny but I have certainly seen women do it)
    – Listening to music or the radio
    – EATING

    If we only single out only one issue then we would have to address some others that I pointed out perhaps even more, wouldn’t we?

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response 🙂

  3. Ronald October 8, 2009 11:23 pm

    Mike, I am glad to see that you truly understand the problem–immaturity of many young drivers and their lack of skill and experience in driving. I also recognize that eating, putting on makeup, getting too involved in the music on the radio or on CDs, plus talking on cell phones, all contribute to auto accidents. Some states already ban cell phone use while a car in is motion. I realize no law will prevent all auto accidents caused by these factors, but texting is shown to be even more dangerous than anything else that is done while driving, so I feel some kind of law enforcement is necessary, to help prevent widespread death and injury. I thank you for your thoughtful commentary! 🙂

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