Obama And Health Care Reform: Battle Against The “Deathers”

President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress are now faced with outrageous accusations being promoted by conservatives in think tanks,  talk radio, television ads, and Fox News Channel:  that IF Obama’s health care plan becomes law, it will lead to the deaths of millions of senior citizens by leaving the decision on their health care to federal bureaucrats, rather than their doctors and hospitals.  This could be called promotion of "euthanasia",  but the demagogues promoting this scare tactic add to it the idea that abortion would be paid for by a government that is out to kill seniors.  This is totally untrue and must be condemned without any pretense of  niceties.  The "Deathers" are liars that must be exposed!

We are now embroiled in a battle royale, and the President and his supporters need to stop pulling punches, and aggressively attack and expose these despicable special interests who have no concern about health care, but only are out to promote the continuation of the outrageous profits in the drug and health insurance industries, without any concern on their part for those lacking health care coverage,  those who have pre existing conditions,  and those who are being forced into bankruptcy or being faced with the reality of death,   because of skyrocketing health care costs that they cannot afford.

There is no longer the need or desire to promote bipartisanship, as it is obvious that the opposition will stoop as low as possible to get their way.  So I say, let’s see discipline among the Democrats, and an understanding with the "blue dog"  Democrats that it is time to stop flirting with those who distort reality, and come to the support of their party and the American people.

Passage of a comprehensive health care bill will win support for the Democrats in 2010, and this opportunity of a lifetime must not be allowed to go the way of the failed Clinton health care plan in 1993-94.  We must not allow people like Virginia Foxx of North Carolina,  Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota,  Jim DeMint of South Carolina, and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, among many others who should be ashamed at their behavior,  but who obviously have no shame,  to destroy health care reform!

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