Honoring Ted Kennedy: Pass A National Health Care Act

We are in the midst of a tense, hectic time as Congress debates President Obama’s proposal for a National Health Care Act.

This is, many observers believe, the defining moment of the Obama Presidency:  Can he get through Congress a comprehensive health care plan that offers everyone in America something that every industrial democracy, except this nation, has:  a national health care system where everyone is entitled to health care coverage at a reasonable price?

Not only is this important for the American people.  It is important to see this as a commitment to honor Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, who has spent most of his Senate career seeking just such a health care plan as the culmination of the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Anyone can see that Ted Kennedy is fighting for his life in Massachusetts from the malignant brain tumor that was diagnosed over a year ago.  He has shown great courage in the interim, and has also demonstrated great enthusiasm and commitment to accomplishment of his long time goal.  He wants desperately to see the accomplishment of this legislation while he is alive. 

It would be a tragedy were to he to die before the accomplishment of the passage of this plan into law.   One can argue about Ted Kennedy’s earlier sins and foibles, and he will remain a controversial figure in American history because of the complexity of his life.  But everyone in the Senate honors him and sees him as a great friend and colleague,  Democrat and Republican alike.    When the unfortunate time comes, which hopefully will NOT be soon, that he passes away, the country will be in great mourning for this senator, who despite his negatives, is seen as one of the greatest US Senators in our entire history. 

We owe it to Ted Kennedy, as well as to ourselves, to get this health care legislation into law as soon as possible, and of course, name it after the man who has had a greater impact on this issue than any living American.    This would be the greatest honor we could bestow on a great Senator and statesman!

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