Eric Cantor And Summer Employment For Youths

Congressman Eric Cantor, the Republican Minority Whip in the House of Representatives,  has been seen by many in his party as a potential long shot candidate for President in 2012, based on his youth and fast rise to leadership in Congress.  The fact that he is from Virginia, an important swing state,  and is the only Jewish Republican in Congress,  is also seen as points in his favor.

However, Cantor has been unimpressive in his statements and actions in opposition to the agenda of President Obama.  He seems to offer no alternative but for criticism.  And his latest statement makes him look really foolish.

This involves the issue of a summer employment program for young unemployed teenagers and early 20s youths in the inner cities and other poorer areas of the country.  These jobs give young people experience, job skills, confidence and self image in a difficult job market,  and is better than having them loiter around the streets and possibly be influenced by evil intentioned contacts.

But Cantor says this investment in summer employment is a waste of taxpayers’  money–that paying these teenagers on the average $2000 to keep them employed and doing something useful is a poor utilization of stimulus funds.  On this, and generally with his lack of constructive alternatives, Eric Cantor strikes out as a possible alternative for President in 2012 or after.

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