Walter Cronkite, The Greatest Electronic Journalist Ever, Dies

America suffered an irretrievable loss tonight with the news of the death of CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite at the age of 92.

Walter Cronkite was THE epitome of electronic journalism, who represented the images of America and the world in the 1960s and 1970s, gaining the affectionate name of  "Uncle Walter", the most trusted man in America, who was approached to run for the US Senate in New York and was considered by Ross Perot for Vice President  on his third party candidacy for President in 1992,  even though by then Cronkite was 75 years old.  In both situations,  Cronkite was not interested, and remained totally objective in his coverage of the news, something sadly lacking in modern electronic journalism. 

Walter Cronkite WAS the news to millions of Americans,  having the largest news audience ever in history with CBS News always being Number One in viewership, and telling us about the assassination of President Kennedy with emotion just barely under control;  reporting with enthusiasm on the space program and the moon landing;  and only once, with the Vietnam War, abandoning total neutrality and making clear his belief that we could not win that war.  Lyndon Johnson stated,  after hearing Walter question the Vietnam War,  that he had lost the middle of the country and that the game was up, and this led to the beginning of change in his strategy on that war.

We will never have another Walter Cronkite, and the country has lost a great deal in his death.  I am extremely saddened, almost as if he was part of my family.  He is the model for what should be in journalism,  and I hope someone will come along to match his stature,  as we face the complex issues and problems of the 21st century.

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