The Hospital Contribution To A National Health Care Plan

Vice President Joe Biden announced this week an agreement by the nation’s hospitals to forgo $155 billion in future Medicare and Medicaid payments to assist in lowering the cost of President Obama’s health care plan.

This development, on top of the backing of a national health care plan by the American Medical Association, and Walmart  (the largest employer in the country), are seen as hopeful steps toward the enactment of Obama’s ideas of a proposal to cover just about everyone in the nation. 

The problem is to appease the far left which wants a more vigorous plan,  and also the more difficult terrain for a health care plan in the Senate, where conservative Democrats and most Republicans are opposed to any public health care initiative.

So the battle goes on, but Obama has said failure is not an option, and that this initiative will mark the level of success or failure of his Presidency.  It will be the most significant single battle over this summer in Congress.

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