Progress On Health Care Legislation

The news last week that Walmart, the nation’s largest employer, and the American Medical Association leadership, both agree on the concept of national health care is a big step toward adoption of such a national plan.

Who would have imagined this back in 1993-94,  when President Clinton faced such strong opposition from many quarters and failed to accomplish any move toward a national health care plan, with the result being now that about 47 million Americans have no health care.

Despite strong opposition from the Republican party and conservative talk show hosts,  the hope is now that a decent national health care plan will be enacted this year, but President Obama is concerned that left wing groups are exerting too much pressure on congressional Democrats that could lead to major splits and failure to enact this necessary legislation.

I say give the Democrats support in their quest for legislation, without doing anything to antagonize or divide the party, which should now, with its strong majorities in both Houses, accomplish its goal of a decent, reasonable national health care plan.

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