Sarah Palin: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime!

Sarah Palin has just shocked the country with her public statement at her home in Wasilla, Alaska, that she is not going to run for reelection, but is also RESIGNING her position in the next few weeks, and handing over the power of the Governorship to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell.

She said in her statement that she wanted to contribute to America from outside government, whatever that means.  She also compared herself to a point guard involved in a "full press" in a basketball game, who is diverted by opponents,  whatever that means, which is likely anger at being criticized and analyzed by the news media about her performance as Governor and Vice Presidential candidate, as well as her family issues.  She also said that it was due to LINCOLN’S Secretary of State William Seward that Alaska came to be acquired by the US from Russia, forgetting or not knowing that while Seward was certainly involved, it was under ANDREW JOHNSON, not Lincoln, that the Czar Alexander II of Russia offered to sell Alaska to the United States.  So Sarah needs to be updated on the details of American history, which she clearly lacks knowledge of, but is that surprising?  🙂

Sarah Palin is breaking her bond when she was elected Governor two and a half years ago, which was to finish out her term unless nature or tragedy intervened.  She is also claiming that she has saved money for the state by rejecting a pay increase, although it was well publicized that she charged the state for travel when much of the time she was home in Wasilla doing state business. 

So this woman who came out of oblivion last August 29 is leaving government after a controversial ten months of what she calls  "the politics of personal destruction".   Sounds to me as if she is very bitter and resentful, and in many ways, sounds like Richard Nixon when he lost the Governorship in California in 1962 and told reporters: "You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore, because gentleman, this is my last press conference!"   Of course, it was NOT his last press conference as he pursued the Presidency, and unfortunately won it, with a bitterness and desire for vendetta that he well hid, but made this country the victim of on the way to his resignation.

If one wants to believe that Sarah Palin is really leaving government for good, we can only hope so, but I think it is an illusion.  Sarah Palin will, very obviously, be a candidate for national office in 2012, although I cannot imagine her going the distance.  We can hope that this country is not crazy enough to pick her from among the multitude of Republican candidates, just about ALL who are better qualified and safer to elect than the mayor of a small Alaskan town  (Wasilla) of about 7,000 people,  to a two and a half year term as governor of the second smallest populated state, with the last year being dominated by her campaign for Vice President and its aftermath.

America deserves better than Sarah Palin, and I cannot imagine the GOP pitting her against Barack Obama in 2012, although I suppose most Democrats would "pray"  for such an election contest!

2 comments on “Sarah Palin: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime!

  1. Micky July 4, 2009 4:28 pm

    Sarah Palin SHOULD learn her history. And then once she learns it, maybe she can go teach Biden a little history about the TV and it’s date of origin.

  2. Brett Jones July 6, 2009 4:28 pm

    This was very surprising to me when I was reading CNN. This only shows how inconsistent she can be while holding a public office. Think of it this way, if she was voted in as a governor of the second smallest populous state and quit two and half years through her term, would she just pick up and quit as President of the United States? That would be disastrous to the people of this great country.

    If Palin is elected President in 2012 the world will end on December 21st. 😉

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