Obama And The Russians: A Startling Development!

News has just come that the Russian government under Dmitry Medvedev, (but still under the influence of Vladamir Putin),  has agreed to allow the US to ship military supplies over its air space to Afghanistan, where NATO forces are engaged in the war against the Taliban.

This news is startling, to imagine a Russian government trusting the United States government enough to allow this, and overcomes the traditional image of the Russians as suspicious, paranoid, defensive, distrusting and belligerent toward dealings with the US and other Western countries.

It is a tremendous change from the mistrust and antagonism often evident during the Bush Administration, and it is testimony to how Barack Obama has been transforming America’s image in world affairs.  I suppose that the right wing talk show hosts and many Republicans will be critical and second guessing this development, because they still wish to promote the old Cold War mentality, but it seems likely now that American relations with the Russians will  be on a steady course toward improvement.

Let’s applaud the President for this accomplishment, which is certainly, at least on paper, a great achievement, and hope for its continued success!

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