The Gay Rights Anniversary Commemoration At The White House

President Obama celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Gay Rights movement,  (The Stonewall Riots in NYC),  on Monday with a large crowd of gay activists at the White House, the first time this group has been given such legitimacy by a President of the United States.

There have been a lot of complaints and grousing by gay rights advocates that the President has not been rapid enough in dealing with the issues of gay marriage,  "don’t ask, don’t tell" in the military, and hate crimes against gays  (a growing crisis).    But Obama made it clear that it was part of his agenda,  and that he was certain that by the time his term in office ended,  the gay community would be satisfied with the results.  He stated that these issues could not be resolved immediately, but were a high priority of his administration.

While it is frustrating for those who want quick action,  one must realize that Obama is dealing with a multitude of issues, and as the old saying goes:  "Rome was not built in a day".   The amount of topics that Obama is confronting and promoting is mind boggling, and therefore, the element of patience must be considered, and I believe that there will be great change in the area of gay rights over time.  So I say, give the President time and we can expect results favorable to the gay community in a time frame that will be limited in duration.

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