Democrats Have Highest Positive Rating In Ten Years

A new CBS poll shows 57 percent of those polled have a positive image of the Democratic party, the highest such rating in the past ten years.

Only 32 percent have a negative rating, and the lower ratings of Democrats over the past ten years were due to the conservative Republican offensive against Bill Clinton and Al Gore, followed by eight years of the Bush Administration, with the Democrats in disarray until the midterm congressional elections of 2006.

This is, obviously, a great development for the Obama Presidency, but the question arises whether they can unite to accomplish the multiple goals of President Obama in this early stage of the term.  This is certainly the best opportunity to achieve the ambitious agenda of Obama, but unfortunately, there are major splits in the Democratic party among liberals, moderates, and "blue dog" Democrats, with the latter unwilling to go the distance for the administration on many issues.

It will be a real test for the President and the party to attempt to move ahead despite internal opposition and lack of cooperation from the Republican membership in Congress.  We are in a moment of history being made or, maybe, being stalled, as under Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  We can only hope for the best, and we need to unite around the President!

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