Day: June 21, 2009

Public Support In Polls For National Health Care Program

Despite conservative talk show hosts and Republicans in Congress criticizing a public health care plan as too costly and trending toward Socialism,  a vast majority of Americans in the latest NY TIMES-CBS NEWS poll support major changes including a public, tax supported plan to compete with private insurers.

The American people seem to have faith that the government can do a better job than private health insurers, and they are willing to pay higher taxes to guarantee that all Americans would be covered, as compared to  nearly 50 million Americans now having no health insurance.  72 percent want a public plan to compete with private companies, and even half of Republicans, along with 90 percent of Democrats and almost 75 percent of independents support greatly expanded government involvement in healthcare.

It is obvious that public opinion supports the Democrats, and it is time for moderate and conservative Democrats to stop putting barriers in the way of reform, and to seize the moment to bring about a real health care program, making Lyndon Johnson proud that his Medicare and Medicaid legislation of the mid 1960s is FINALLY being expanded to offer the same opportunity for health care to ALL Americans!

McCain Report Card On President Obama

Senator John McCain, on FACE THE NATION this morning, gave a positive view of President Obama after five months in office.

He said that Obama had achieved his legislative goals, and overall had done "very well".

At the same time, he faulted Obama for not having bipartisan support in Congress, for not having formulated a plan for the detainees at Guantanomo Bay when he announced the facility would be closed within a year, and made it clear that he felt Obama should take a stronger stand in favor of the protestors in Iran reacting to the election crisis in that nation.

Overall, McCain saw the beginning of the Obama Presidency as positive, with room for improvement.