A Diplomatic Meeting Of Nine Secretaries Of State

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton was invited to dinner by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served in the second term of Clinton’s husband.  This event occurred just two days before Clinton broke her elbow, which has now led to surgery and temporary sidelining for recovery.

But not only the two women met, but rather a total of EIGHT former Secretaries of State, all the living ones except Al Haig, who served for a year under Ronald Reagan, but was  not present.

What an historic meeting that was, including Henry Kissinger (Nixon and Ford), George Shultz  (Reagan),  James Baker  (Bush),  Lawrence Eagleburger  (Bush), Warren Christopher (Clinton), Colin Powell  (Bush II), and Condoleezza Rice  (Bush II), along with Albright and Hillary Clinton.  More diplomatic experience and expertise was in one house than ever in the history of the United States!  🙂

Certainly, all of these former Secretaries of State can offer advice and counsel to our present Secretary of State, who with President Obama, faces a daunting set of international circumstances unmatched since at least the closing days of World War II,  when Harry Truman was suddenly thrust into the position without experience or planning,  by the sudden death of Franklin  D. Roosevelt.

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