Barack Obama and Fathers Day

President Obama today held an event at the White House commemorating Fathers Day, and emphasizing the importance of dads in the lives of their children.

Obama pointed out how, with the absence of his father from a young age, his male role model was his stepfather and his maternal grandfather, but that 23 percent of all children today do not have a dad or father figure at home as they grow up, and that at least half of African American children face this reality.

He talked about the joys of fatherhood, and how it is the most enjoyable aspect of life, and that no role or job is as important as a dad being part of the household.

This event highlighted how the President is trying his best not only to set himself up as a role model, but to be, in a sense, the "Father In Chief", giving advice and counsel to the many men who have shirked their duty to be there for their children.  This kind of campaign, certainly, cannot be faulted by anyone.  So let’s give plaudits to the President of the United States on this issue!  🙂

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