Evidence That The Economy Is Improving And Its Effect on Politics

After five months of the Obama Presidency, the good news is that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen above its 2008 close in December.

The Dow has also risen in 12 of the past 14 weeks and gained 34 percent in that time, making for the best 14 week performance since 1975, when Gerald Ford was President.  In addition, the S&P 500 has improved this year by 40 percent and the Nasdaq by 47 percent.

Additionally,  polls indicate that Obama remains very popular with about 64 percent favorable toward the new President.

These signs of optimism compare to the constant negative and critical assessments of conservative talk show hosts and Republican leaders and spokesmen.  At the same time, most Americans cannot figure out who the leaders of the Republican party are.  So it looks as if a vast majority of Americans, including people who have in the past voted Republican,  are quite disgusted with the GOP,  and quite content with Barack Obama’s  performance,  and that investors are showing the same faith on the stock market.

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