Terrorism in America

Those who think that terrorism is only international, and only Muslim related, should be sobered by recent events.

Last week, an anti abortion terrorist in Wichita, Kansas,  murdered one of the few doctors in America who will help women in the third trimester who have a child who has died in the womb, or a woman who has been raped, or a woman who has major health problems develop that could cause the loss of her life.  This monster decided that he had a right to end the life of this doctor in the name of being pro life.  What a disgrace, and it is obvious that this character is very unstable, but the constant harrassment at abortion centers terrorizes women who choose to make a tough decision at any stage of the pregnancy to terminate, something that is legal in America, whether individuals like it or not.  Why is it that these fanatics think they have the right to break the law and intimidate women, and in the process, to indirectly encourage violence in the name of principle?

Now just today, an anti semite and racist, involved in white supremacist group activity in Idaho and elsewhere, murders a guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.  This monster denies the Holocaust ever occurred and promotes extreme right wing insanity, condemning Jews and African Americans.  He has spent a long lifetime promoting hate and conspiracy theories, and is probably close to the oldest murderer we have seen in America, being 88 years old. 

This violence is just the tip of the iceberg, and the lack of adequate gun controls due to the power of the National Rifle Association as a dominant lobbying group, and the unwillingness of most politicians, including many Democrats,to fight for effective regulation,  allows this bloodshed to continue to occur, particularly now when the situation is very dangerous, due to many people who are angry and looking to blame someone for their loss of employment and housing.  The weakest and most vulnerable groups in society face threats, whether women, Jews, African Americans,  Latinos, gays, or in reality any group which is seen as dangerous to the so called white majority, a small percentage of which are willing to blame these groups for their own failures, shortcomings or bad luck.  We live, indeed, in very dangerous times, and something must be done to quell this growing violence.

With all of the incendiary talk by right wing talk show hosts, this kind of bloodshed and violence is, at the least,  indirectly promoted, and it scares one to think that our President is in constant danger due to the loose rhetoric which is thrown around by conservatives and Republicans who fail to demonstrate responsibility and appropriate language and respect for our leadership, whether they agree with the government or not.  It is time for irresponsible invective to stop before we end up mourning another national tragedy of greater proportions than we have seen!

One comment on “Terrorism in America

  1. No name June 10, 2009 7:54 pm

    It is so sad that peoples daily lives are consumed with such hate. When will we start to judge people for who they are……rather than what we think they are? I do think this is a dangerous time with the economy and tighter gun laws (or more strict policies when buying guns) is needed. Sadly, there are many people applauding this man’s actions today and, while I believe we have the right to bear arms I think the powers in charge have a right to find out if I will be a danger to other citizens before I do so. I’d be willing to go through tougher standards to get a gun. I don’t understand why changes have not already been made.

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