Obama’s Cairo Speech To The Muslim World

President Obama’s speech last Thursday to an audience at Cairo University was a brilliant attempt at changing the relationship between the Muslim world and the United States.

Obama accepted the fact that the United States had, in the past, committed errors, been involved in misdeeds, and even failed to recognize how the Muslim world perceived American actions. 

He called for friendship and cooperation with the Muslim world, and demonstrated humility and honesty.  He pointed out that he had taken the first steps toward the closing of Guantanomo as a prison camp for terrorists, and ordered the end of torture that had been endorsed by the Bush administration.

He also expressed understanding of the feelings of Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike, and called for direct action to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict.  He even went so far as to say that the problem with Iran was not over having nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but their attempt to develop nuclear weapons which would have the effect of raising tensions in Middle East nations, as well as Israel, if the Iranians acquired the ability to have such weaponry.

Obama also condemned terrorists and extremists, who as he pointed out, have actually killed more Muslims than Christians or Jews in the name of Islamic extremism. 

It is obvious that Obama’s speech is a good first step, but there are many challenges to face in the next four to eight years to improve the relationship between the U.S. and the Islamic world.

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