The “Old” South Continues Its Disgraceful Historical Record

Here we are in 2009, and the "Old" South is back!

The Republican governors of the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas are now promoting policies that remind us of the "Old" South of the Democratic party for the long period from after Reconstruction ended in 1877 through the early 1960s.  That is, in that disgraceful past, racism, antisemitism,  and sexism reigned.  A small elite of wealthy Southern whites victimized African Americans, Jews, Catholics, Hispanics and women but also gave short shrift to poor whites.  These states became infamous not only for discrimination against the poor, but also for lackluster education, health care, and social services, and reveled in the denial of equality as the rest of the nation advanced.

Now, those  newly unemployed or those already terribly deprived will become greater victims by the refusal of these governors to show responsibility and concern for those less fortunate, by their stated refusal to accept increased aid for unemployment benefits.  Poverty will spread ever more in this section, which includes already the poorest states in the United States.

What a nerve that these governors are shirking their responsibility to their citizenry and only show concern for the rich and powerful!  This is another argument for mandating that the states MUST accede to federal regulation and controls.  The Southern Republicans, the backbone of the present GOP, have become as despicable as the old Southern Democrats of past eras!

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