Day: February 24, 2009

Governor Bobby Jindal’s Response to the Obama Speech

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana tonight presented the GOP response to President Obama’ s speech to the nation.

Certainly, Jindal is a brilliant man, a Rhodes Scholar who at a young age (37) has already made a great impression on America.  He is well spoken and highly intelligent and knowledgable.  He is said to have ambitions to move beyond the Louisiana Governorship and stands out as a better leader of the Republican party than just about any Republican in the Senate or Governorship.

However, his prescription of cutting taxes and making smaller government is so out of line with what is happening, and his earlier statement that he intended to refuse unemployment aid but accept other parts of the economic stimulus legislation, portrays him as unconcerned with the plight of so many Louisianans, including the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Katrina.  He failed tonight to give recognition to the role of federal aid ($175 billion already) in the vast rebuilding project in New Orleans. 

Jindal has potential, but if he continues to promote the same old, dull Republican philosophy that has led to the demise of the GOP, then his future national role will be curtailed.

Obama’s Speech to the Nation

President Obama this evening gave a speech promoting hope, confidence and optimism about the future, while also making clear the great challenges faced by this nation.

He urged action on energy, education,and health care while also advocating direct action to deal with the abuses that have led to the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression.  He spoke to the average American in a way designed to build faith and patience as the country attempts to reverse the terrible damage that has occurred through lack of regulation. 

The President also promoted the New Deal philosophy of FDR and the Great Society activism of Lyndon B.  Johnson.  The speech was inspiring, and was greeted by tremendous applause throughout the House chamber.  Indications are that he accomplished his goal of restoring the belief that America would overcome this latest challenge to its security and future. 

There is no debate that Obama stands out as one of the best Presidents to speak before Congress, on the level of FDR, JFK, Reagan and Clinton.  One can only hope that his rhetoric can be put into concrete results!