Day: February 7, 2009

Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez: Lawbreakers on the Attack Against Obama

Here we are just two weeks after the inauguration and former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez are on the attack against President Obama, not having the dignity to remain silent at least for a few months to allow Barack Obama a "honeymoon".

The nerve of either individual, both clearly lawbreakers hard to match in American history, to condemn the early actions of the new President, when what they represented for the past eight years was a total breakdown of the law.  Both abused their powers in their position and have the gall to charge ahead in their attacks,  of course applauded by the Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys and Bill O’Reillys of talk radio and Fox News Channel.

Both men need to be investigated by Congress and pursued for their abuses of power and reckless behavior while in office.  Both represent the worst of leadership historically in their roles as Vice President and Attorney General.  Compare them to Joe Biden and Eric Holder, and one realizes that although, certainly, over time Barack Obama will make mistakes and there will be room for criticism, already the new people in these crucial positions make one confident and content that the future WILL be better than the recent past!

The Short Sightedness of Republicans in Congress

This country is in a financial crisis unmatched since the Great Depression.  Just about every state, most notably California, has tremendous budget deficits and faces cutting education funding in  a drastic way.  Additionally, with so many people losing their jobs every month, a total of 3.6 million in the past year, and 600,000 just in December alone, health care coverage that came with employment is lost.

The Democrats wish to provide funding for education cuts faced in the states, and also to cover partially the COBRA costs faced by unemployed workers and families.  This is an education and health care crisis of massive proportions, that needs to be addressed by the federal government.   There is nothing more that offers hope and a future to millions of Americans than providing necessary aid for education and health care.  There is no way for those less fortunate to improve their situation than a massive federal stimulus.  Tax cuts are simply not enough and would likely go primarily to the upper class, which has benefited unjustly from the Bush tax cuts of the past eight years. 

In the midst of this dire situation, the GOP is proving again its lack of concern for the middle and lower classes in America.  Not one Republican in the House came to support of the House version of the economic stimulus bill, and only a few seem at the moment to be backing the Senate version, which is NOT as good as the House version.  There will be troubles reconciling the two bills in a conference committee to reflect the real needs of the country.  One can certainly applaud the few GOP senators who seem to be willing to cross party lines.  Kudos to Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.  They are demonstrating statesmanlike behavior and this should be copied by other senators and at least some congressmen in the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. 

One has to wonder what Lincoln and TR would think of the modern Republicans who have brought us to this state of financial collapse and now refuse, except for a few, to recognize that they are in Washington DC to represent ALL of their constituents, not just the elite upper and business classes!

Mitt Romney and Obama’s “Rocky Start”

Mitt Romney, former Republican governor of Massachusetts and Presidential candidate, has chimed in with his opinion of Barack Obama’s first two weeks, declaring that Obama has had a "rocky start", and that he wishes he had won the election last year.

This sounds to me like sour grapes and a lot of envy on Romney’s part, as the thought of him in the White House right now is enough to deepen a person’s sense of depression, as well as the real life depression that many Americans are facing, as we confront the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

Romney has no real answers or solutions, just criticism, and he, like most congressional Republicans, are playing politics and not showing support for a new President at a time when he and we really need that.  There is plenty of time for criticism and political attacks, but the time is not at the beginning of a term.  Why not let Obama have what he wants, and if it does not succeed, then attack, but don’t kill the program before it is enacted.

This is the problem with both Romney and his party–unwillingness to take responsibility for much of what has happened and to offer unity behind the new President and his program, to allow him a honeymoon of support UNTIL we can see if the programs and ideas work.

More Sarah Palin!

It seems as if we cannot be free for long without news of Sarah Palin, the Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

Palin has become the center of attention again due to her media campaign and also to Ashley Judd’s denunciation of her promotion of wolf killing from airplanes in Alaska.  It is perfectly understandable that anyone with any sense of environmentalism and respect for wildlife would think of aerial killing of wolves as barbaric and unacceptable.  Hunting is one thing; aerial hunting sounds like something Dick Cheney would do !  🙂

Meanwhile, Palin tells us that everything one needs to know one can learn from sports, and she reveals that she had a long time ambition to be an ESPN sportscaster until she learned she would have to live in or near Bristol, Connecticut, had she worked for that station, too far from Alaska, so instead she named her oldest daughter Bristol.  One has to wonder is Sarah Palin joking, but on second thought we realize she is not!

One has to say again and again:  Why, oh why did John McCain have to unleash on us a running mate who, upon further thought, makes former Vice President Dan Quayle seem like a genius, which he certainly was not?  :)  What can be done to convince Sarah Palin to stay in Alaska and do her job and stop pursuing the national media spotlight?  Someone needs to tell her to give up her fantasy of being President, as she has no chance and, were somehow the people of this nation to elect her, it would mean the downfall of intelligent civilization!