Mitt Romney and Obama’s “Rocky Start”

Mitt Romney, former Republican governor of Massachusetts and Presidential candidate, has chimed in with his opinion of Barack Obama’s first two weeks, declaring that Obama has had a "rocky start", and that he wishes he had won the election last year.

This sounds to me like sour grapes and a lot of envy on Romney’s part, as the thought of him in the White House right now is enough to deepen a person’s sense of depression, as well as the real life depression that many Americans are facing, as we confront the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

Romney has no real answers or solutions, just criticism, and he, like most congressional Republicans, are playing politics and not showing support for a new President at a time when he and we really need that.  There is plenty of time for criticism and political attacks, but the time is not at the beginning of a term.  Why not let Obama have what he wants, and if it does not succeed, then attack, but don’t kill the program before it is enacted.

This is the problem with both Romney and his party–unwillingness to take responsibility for much of what has happened and to offer unity behind the new President and his program, to allow him a honeymoon of support UNTIL we can see if the programs and ideas work.

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