Senator Richard Shelby and Barack Obama’s Citizenship

Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama has made a record of being an obstructionist in his years in the Senate, but now he is wasting our time with statements asserting that Barack Obama may not be a citizen of the United States.

Recently, he declared that he had not seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate, as  if it is a requirement that a senator examine a president’s birth certificate.  This rumor about citizenship was first spread by conservative websites and backed up by an unethical college professor who started a website asserting what Shelby is now advocating.

The fact of Obama’s Honolulu birth is not subject to debate and his birth certificate is available online for those who are interested.  Does not Senator Shelby have better things to do than waste our time spreading gossip  and half truths?  Can’t we expect Shelby to do his job and stop diverting attention away from the real problems this country faces?

As a former Democrat, who switched parties after being elected Senator, Shelby already has a shady image, and it is not improved by his disgraceful assertions designed to undermine our government. I ask Senator Shelby to do the job he was elected to do: to help solve the problems faced by the citizens of Alabama in the present economic mess!

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