The 2009 C Span Presidential Poll

I have spent the past week trying to recover LOL  from the latest Presidential poll from C Span, following up on the earlier 2000 poll.

While I had some problems with the last poll in 2000, I have MANY problems with the new poll, which includes former President George W. Bush for the first time.

My major issues with the 2009 poll are as follows:  Ulysses S. Grant shot up from 33 to 23; John F. Kennedy from 8 to 6; Dwight D. Eisenhower from 9 to 8; Ronald Reagan from 11 to 10; Bill Clinton from 21 to 15.  Also, Woodrow Wilson fell from 6 to 9; Lyndon Johnson from 10 to 11; Jimmy Carter from 22 to 25; Richard Nixon from 25 to 27; Rutherford Hayes from 26 to 33.

Grant, in my opinion, was the WORST President we have had and was in office longer than other failed Presidents due to his Civil War heroism and the Republican dominance in the years after the Civil War.  The historians in the poll were supposed to ONLY consider his Presidential record, which is absolutely horrible!

While I admire JFK, to make him number six with less than three years in office and not much success in domestic affairs and only late improvement in foreign affairs boggles the mind.  Again, are these historians thinking about how he died, his looks, his beautiful children, his glamorous wife, or what?

Eisenhower may have an element of nostalgia about him, as his times look much more innocent and appealing than we have had to deal with since the 1950s, but did he really address the major issues of his times?  The answer is NO!

Reagan has had a fan club, but recently new books that have emerged have started a sustained attack on  his record, and already many are saying that his supervision of the government has helped to lead to the present economic emergency we now face, the greatest since the Great Depression.  I think he is definitely overrated.

Bill Clinton also has a fan club, but having lived through and watched him for eight years, I consider him a great disappointment who was better at talking up a storm than accomplishing very much in office.

Woodrow Wilson has had his critics of late, but his accomplishments, particularly in domestic affairs, are still one of the best in US history, so I think lowering him to almost out of the top ten and below Kennedy and Eisenhower is not warranted.

Lyndon Johnson dropped only one point, but out of the top ten, and to put him under Reagan seems unjust, as much of the Great Society programs still have a great impact on the nation today, in a positive way.

Jimmy Carter certainly was in many ways a disappointment, but to knock him further down on the list, even below Grant, seems ridiculous to me!

Richard Nixon has plenty of faults, no question about it.  If anything, I have always been a major critic but further reflection in recent years makes me think that he is horribly underrated, again even under Grant!  How ridiculous can we be!

Finally, Rutherford Hayes is far from a great President, but to knock him down seven places makes no sense, and again under Grant!  This is preposterous, and he is the biggest victim of this poll, just as Grant is the biggest beneficiary.

Again, the poll, in my opinion, needs reworking, and I challenge its accuracy for sure!

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