Six Republican Governors and the Stimulus Bill

Now that the Economic Stimulus bill has become law, offering financial aid to the states, we are confronted with six GOP governors who have threatened NOT to accept the aid, despite the dire needs that their states face.  This includes the governors of Alaska, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Sarah Palin is apparently willing to do this despite her pledge to work with President Obama.  Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, considered the hope for the future, seems willing to reject aid in the face of the lack of rebuilding of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, and the reality that his state is one of the poorest in America.  The same goes for Mississippi and its governor, Haley Barbour.  South Carolina and its Governor Mark Sanford are just giving further evidence that they wish to remain backward and uncooperative in the spirit of the Civil War legacy.  Texas has Governor Rick Perry, the gift of George W. Bush when he left the governorship to become President.  Idaho is well, Idaho! 🙂

These governors should be ashamed of their lack of cooperation and playing of politics in the midst of financial crisis, and it is hoped that their legislatures will override their resistance and agree to the financial aid.  It seems to me that these governors, most of whom have at least theoretical ambition to run for President in 2012, had better rethink their intransigence.  Again, it seems to me this is the road of political suicide!

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