Barack Obama and Access to the Media

President Obama is to be applauded for promoting access to the news media so readily and frequently already after only two weeks in office.

He has held interviews with many television and cable correspondents already, including five just today, as part of his attempt to promote public support of his economic stimulus package.  He has presented a relaxed image and has admitted mistakes and taken responsibility for "messing up" on some of his appointees who have withdrawn.  He has come across as a "regular" fellow and reminds one of the media approach of John F. Kennedy.  What  a total difference from the lack of accessibility and openness of George W. Bush!

My thought is that IF he continues this approach to the media, Barack Obama will be able to gain the backing of the American people in most of his endeavors and his public opinion rating will therefore remain high.  He has the ability to use the media contact as a "bully pulpit", much like Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy utilized it  in the last century. Bravo to the President for a great start in this regard!

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