Senator Chuck Hagel, the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh

Retiring Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska really laced it into the Republican party in a speech at Johns Hopkins University, pointing out that the party had totally failed in its message and programs in the past eight years, and calling for diplomacy and willingness to talk with the nation’s enemies as a way to bridge the gap on the world scene, something advocated by President Elect Obama and many foreign policy specialists, including Republican former Secretaries of State, during the election campaign.

He also said that Rush Limbaugh seemed to be so good at giving advice that he should run for office rather than just pontificate  on his radio show.  Obviously, Hagel was being sarcastic, as he clearly meant that Limbaugh had no conception of how to deal with diplomatic or military matters and was just being what he is always best at, being a windbag.

Senator Hagel is soon to leave the Senate after two distinguished terms, and he will be missed.  He is a man of principle and courage, who has gained many admirers, including the author, and it is hoped that he will be utilized in some fashion by the new President, as one of the better examples of a Republican who can contribute to a Democratic administration in a non partisan spirit.

One comment on “Senator Chuck Hagel, the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh

  1. Michael Brian November 20, 2008 8:45 pm
      Hagel has truly stood out the past few years as a sensible and authoritative voice on foreign policy from the non-neoconservative wing of the Republican Party. Some point to the contrast between the GOP’s treatment of Hagel and the Democrats’ treatment of Lieberman these past few months. Hagel, unlike Lieberman, truly is a man of principle, for despite his disagreements with his own party on certain issues, did not go to the opposition’s party convention to lambast his own party and presidential candidate. Actually, he did not endorse either candidate. Nor has Hagel whined publicly at his treatment by his party. I would much prefer Hagel to serve in the Obama administration than Bob Gates; however since that is unlikely I hope Obama will consult with Hagel to correct years of failed foreign policy.

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